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updated 19.01.2009

Fed up with smurf slaying? Try Icesus for a change! (for Icesus logs, go here)
SPOILERS! Don't read!

logs (2001):

I was bored one night, so I opened a treasure chest of embarrassing plans and sweet newbieness - I collected '01 finger info on some people I still recognize 6-7 years later... many of them are still around, some are my old retired friends and some are simply names that ring a distant bell for a reason or another. Names in alphabetical order.
My topend healer set, been playing bat for about 6 months at this point
Newbie party challenging Z'tragoz
Purple worm! (prolly my first "eq" party ever)

logs (2002):

Legendary gladiator event final match - Mardus vs Desert
Flab & Demonic Gate
My first 12slotter, big day for a newbie merchant :)
Soucs phone task
Long & exhausting worship event with Mardus
Master merchant
Forcing boxes at your chestroom ain't very wise
Brother Maerius Zedek #1
1. unseen
Alexandra #1 after 10 painful clueless hours, eq turns to dust
My first Damien run

logs (2003):

Gladiator event 2003
Maneater #1
Lord Wainamoinen #1
Shelaste #1
Moratar Cain #1
My first attempt on Kizarwexius, one of the coolest mobs in game
Lear Rotth #1
Yaboz #2 (fastest new Yaboz i've done)
Lord Soth #1
Felidae #1
Burglefloogah #1 (18man)
Henry Amberley #1
Inra #1
BayPrixces Condito #1
Summary after new exploretune & counter reset
Badgerbadgerbadgerbadger (log from Kharadus)
Gatekeeper #1
Stifsim #2

logs (2004):

2. unseen

Xzui #1
Summonball while killing Lambda
Tyranicus #1 (legendary 'wussy party' that wasn't supposed to win it, killed it fast and got pr shield, boots, serpentyne :)
Black Reaver #2, one of the best mobs in game imo
Longest run on Moratar i've seen, too bad it didn't die this time
Nun eldership
I wish one of these would hit a mob which takes fire
Llyth #2
Gatekeeper #2
Funny run on Moratar
Nice day
11min Jane
Exploring with eq on rocks :)
The presence of Burglefloogah corrupts your feeble soul.
Krokodiili decided to solo Moratar
Orthanc [party]: nyt krittii

logs (2005):

Random fact: 18x area entropy takes your duck from old to forcereinc.
Raiding old player valley was fun, but could've been even more fun without these..

My first attempt on GMT, got it gs with our leluparty :D
Rebirthed Feb 10. Exploresummary two days after.
(Rebirthed again Mar 13, just for the record)
Grabbing rooms from Asmodeus without invis, had no idea if it can give monkey on the very first battleround fought :) Well, monkeys are cute anyway!
Coincidence? Don't think so!
For once an useful starcrit
Miraculous victory on Fazid
Almost losing to Black Reaver #3 at nd was pretty exciting as well (also note that reaver nearly killed himself at the end)
Soloed Save the orphans in 11 minutes
Massive iron statue #1 aka. tracking 1meg belan
Archon of Beldarus #1
My life wrath of las #2 at 8k mob.. well, at least it died :)
Gladiator event 2005
Exploring Ix'ixixiblat
Merioli the mighty channeller rescues my titan ass
Lesser demon of Draen-Dalar #1
Tiger claw sucks nowadays? Rrright. 1 | 2 | 3
Finished Shelaste from bad shape while our leader was taking a leak :)
I hardly ever lead any eq, so leading Lesser demon of Draen-Dalar #2 was quite educational and refreshing :)
Leluparty, take two: Grand Master Torturer #1

logs (2006):

Ancient beholder #1
Grand Master Torturer #2, died in less than hour
Rechendak #1
Trilloch #1, pain in the ass 11h trip in total
Spirit of Domgroth #1
Brother Maerius Zedek #4 (first time I kill the uptuned version)
Tsapharani the Iron Golem #1
Moreod #1 is dead, so are we :)
Skie wimpys to Soth at vbs :D (eventually got it back with wizardly help but screwed up and lost anyway :)
Hrah, the 8th incarnation of Asharu, the everfighting demon
Zyll #1
Ix'ixixiblat the Taguethic, the skeletal Elder Dragon #1
Lesser demon #4's minion unseened Kyo with immolate, but as a retaliation Turmio unseened Lesser demon with energy 20mins later :P
Umegord & Serrawyn #1
Mana scream Black Reaver #11 with two nuns and a vortexneekeri, died in 37min
Lord Soth #12 with Skie on the way, had to replace one member during the party because of aggroing Skie, no names mentioned!
Shade of Mithrandir #17 was about to die with one run, had to grab our dead mages for holzmark/final blasts ...when our leadertank noticed he had spr swap on all the time :)
Eidilon #1... won't be doing this 3man anytime soon I suppose, ugh pain
Thanatos the god of the Volcano #1
Skie the gay höyryjyrä dragon #1, finally after several tries
Khalun the skaven warlord #2
Jane #10.. first new Jane for me, was surprisingly easy now that we had tanks that actually lived :)
Sable with offtanks
Kind of easy Bukh
Tight arena match against Munkki
Ancient beholder #2.. damn I love (and hate :) this mob, one of the best in game
Sironebel the monkey-throwing dragon #1

logs (2007):

Lord Necorp & Az'anzyl #1
Unbelievable luck saved my ass four times when taking a solo trip to Zonni swamps
Torturer #9 got uptuned in the middle of the fight, aggro tracker after nigs now :)
Arthas #1
Epic battle against Sister Valentina #1 is finally over... 13 hours of exhaustion
Sister Alysia #1, scored a killing blow too
Battle Royale 2007
3man mana shudder Zedek without conjurer!
Fairy queen #1, this one was a bitch
Abigail, the abbess #1 BARBARICALLY BEATS Nuane, Amd and Spid 971 times...
Sera the evil Archmage of Chaos #1, lost twinklar by 8 dice points :(
Nice first run on Kitiara :D
Finally, after several failed attempts during several years, Kizarwexius #1
Fun exploring Kyo's revised area :)
Tried my limits by doing some 1-2man stuff in my archer tester reinc: Hannes (with off gear :) | Laingan | Savage coast wyrm | Belan 2man | Conclave wyrm | Sable 2man | Electroblob
New & tuned G'naa'Byeh #2
Mosnjithdosi #1, Mandrake has done some great work on this area, nice story/concepts

logs (2008):

Kizarwexius #2, went pretty smoothly this time
Neat life saving
on a Moratar run
Favorit selling a wish scroll
Dag Dag and Wainamoinen 3man

logs (2009):

Kizarwexius #3, pretty tight one, 2,5mins left

Asmodeus, the Overlord of all the dukes of Hell


Stuff I have killed "holz" | my real Kerbholz as of Jun 14 2007
My participations to Critter hunt (one of my favourite events)
Material info

Triggers, tested with Zmud 7.05:

Everything done by me unless otherwise mentioned. Shouldn't be abusable, but I take no responsibility if they are. :)

Note: to make these work, _import_ them from triggers/file/import text, do not use copy/pasting, it might won't work.

Channeller aura stuff (With 'ea' alias, informs about dropping aura in status bar)
Combat damage analysis trigs (reports on report channel, some lites as well)
Consider exptune reporting (just copy/paste this line): #TRIGGER {^You would get (*) experience for (*).$} {party report %2 is %1 exp.} {consider}
Essence eye replacement (With numbers & colors, supports qc, qlips, burden.)
Deathshout lites

Harm/fail to reach counter (Percentage eval. originally done by someone else. Counts hits, misses, burglecrits and lites some stuff.)

I was planning to put a lot more trigs online for years already, but since I'm a lazy bastard, and later switched to Cmud myself, I think it's pretty safe to assume it's not going to happen. You might expect a nice collection of Cmud trigs in future tho (read: in two weeks, don't hold your breath).

However, if you think you want a script you've seen me use, feel free to ask, I may or may not help you depending on script/time I have, but it doesn't cost anything to ask :)


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