You are done with the chant.
party report Invisibility off.
You turn visible.
You rub tears of Oxtoth and utter with sinister voice ' ¤Lassum¤ '
The environment blurs with intense silvery light as IMMORTAL presence of Las
fills your soul. Air thunders around you as immeasurable amount of energy is
drawn in you, lifting your body high in the air. At the peak of your might you
yell in celestial trance 'MY LIFE FOR LAS!'
You are bathed in bright light as heavenly choir plays celestial fanfare. The
universe halts as WRATH OF LAS thunders through your fuming red tears of
Oxtoth, cleansing Orc samurai's soul by vaporizing the body!
Because of the low amount of unidle players you receive some additional
experience for your kill.
Orc samurai suddenly stops breathing and jerks a couple of times violently, then falls to the ground, lifeless.
Orc samurai is DEAD, R.I.P.
hp 699/699 () | sp 987/1341 (-157) | ep 142/267 ()
You feel like Anjew healed you a bit.
Nuane (report): Invisibility off.
[18:57:50] hp 699/699  sp 1071/1341  ep 226/267  xp 82024  $ 3832/10861  wimpy off
You gained 6484 xp.