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Group: inform (#671/671)
From: Favorit (Lvl: 600 [Wizard] Age: 5y, 227d, 29min and 15s)
Subject: Don't miss this!
Date: Wed Jul 16 14:55:08 2008

Hear ye, hear ye!

Today 17:30 EET there will be an auction held where a scroll of wishing will
be sold. This time, however, it will be a special wishing scroll. Previously
we have sold wishing scrolls which worked for no good, but personal benefits.
This time, it's your chance to wish for something useful. This will make it
possible to create money pools to pay for the scroll and hence even for
newbies to participate. You can wish for anything you like that will deliver
game improvements (from your point of view) that will affect majority of our
playerbase. I.e. you can't wish for a personal item, multibackgroundness and
whatnot, but you can wish for a new race (even invite-only, provided you will
actually invite people there), guild, some skills or spells, abilities,
whatnot. You can restrict the usage of the wish to certain limits, although
those limits should not be a list of names.

Come, think what you want, participate!

NB! If the price will be too low, I can still withdraw the auciton.

This is your chance to influence the MUD. Do it!

P.S. I won't accept wishes to change existing things, only to code new things.

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[17:30]:Favorit <bat>: So, here we go....
[17:30]:Favorit <bat>: Please keep all the chat on chat channel
[17:30]:Marvin [chat]: 1k!
[17:30]:Blacksmith [bat]: what all currency's are accepted?
[17:30]:Freld [bat]: nerya is a smart one :D
[17:30]:Favorit <bat>: Offering, scroll of wishing <archwizard's right glow>, mb 1k
[17:30]:Kiraffi [bat]: 1k
[17:31]:Kawasa {bat}: 10m
[17:31]:Favorit <bat>: Currency is gold and only gold.
[17:31]:Glacius (bat): 12m
[17:31]:Larppa [ee+]: glacius ny ainaki wishaa thifut
[17:31]:Larppa [ee+]: bidatkaa äkkiä 8D
[17:31]:Marvin [chat]: if you guys wish for some stupid crappy invite race, I'm going to be grumpy
[17:31]:Favorit <bat>: 12m heard.
[17:31]:Juo (rise+): humz
[17:31]:Favorit <bat>: I'll take it nice and easy :)
[17:31]:[bat]: Gurth waits for Capula.
[17:31]:Stalgrad (chat): make it fraggle race!
[17:31]:Capula (bat): 15
[17:31]:Femko <chat>: Im grumpy already
[17:31]:Juo (bat): use sales?!
[17:32]:Capula (bat): im trying to sell eq there
[17:33]:Marvin [chat]: if anyone has good ideas and needs players to chip in, lets hear the ideas on here
[17:33]:Ewige [bat]: 16m
[17:33]:Capula (bat): 20
[17:33]:Rocker {bat}: 50m
[17:33]:Gaurhoth {chat}: MONOLITH!
[17:33]:Capula (bat): 60
[17:33]:Rauskis (darkness+): lol rocker wishaa jotain yhteishyvää :D
[17:33]:Kori [darkness+]: :D
[17:33]:Juo (darkness+): :D
[17:33]:Capula (darkness+): varmasti
[17:33]:Lampsa <darkness+>: :D
[17:33]:Bleezuz (darkness+): :D
[17:33]:Brog [darkness+]: =)
[17:33]:Desert (darkness+): nauroin just kans :D
[17:33]:Amd (darkness+): takuulla
[17:33]:Freld [chat]: zenicks was personal that isnt
[17:33]:Capula (darkness+): eli kaikki antaa rahaa mulle nyt!
[17:34]:Capula (darkness+): toteutan teidan toiveet
[17:34]:Milk (darkness+): et jaksa kantaa!
[17:34]:Blacksmith [chat]: i ahve idea about PR flawored guild, perm death system, armour slotting and couple areas/other guilds.
[17:34]:Durtle (darkness+): demon racelle paremmat statit, kaikki hyotyy :9
[17:34]:Entor (darkness+): capulan wishi oli iha suck
[17:34]:Brog [darkness+]: kyllä mää luovun rahoistani hyvään tarkotukseen... jos vaan ensin kuulee siitä=)
[17:34]:Blacksmith [chat]: RP even
[17:34]:Favorit <bat>: hmm, juicy 60m heard.
[17:34]:Gaurhoth {chat}: so what the hell are we even doing? wishing for someone to code something or?
[17:34]:Blacksmith [chat]: basicly, yes
[17:34]:Freld [chat]: gaurhoth yep, they dont code unless we pay
[17:34]:Kiraffi [chat]: in my opinion there shouldn't be "global" wishes at all, only personal ones
[17:35]:Blacksmith [chat]: yep but perm death in here too.
[17:35]:Entor (darkness+): wishaisin kaikille jointit
[17:35]:Juo (darkness+): :D
[17:35]:Favorit <bat>: bit on the low side :) but well. 60m 1x.
[17:35]:Blacksmith [chat]: mm and why not?
[17:35]:Darol <darkness+>: jaa tää on bat kanaval, mua hämättii
[17:35]:Juo (darkness+): joo, paskaa
[17:35]:Gaurhoth {chat}: someone could bring steam engineer guild back to the table!
[17:35]:Entor (darkness+): kumma oli toi 60
[17:35]:Entor (darkness+): capula?
[17:35]:Capula (darkness+): mun
[17:36]:Rocker {bat}: 80M
[17:36]:Capula (sales): 90
[17:36]:Capula (bat): 90
[17:36]:Favorit <bat>: 90m heard from a rich guy in a fat tuxedo!
[17:36]:Blacksmith [chat]: i have seen dozens of those already, so whats oyur point?
[17:36]:Capula (darkness+): paljo maa saan 2280 tpsta kaupassa?
[17:36]:Desert (darkness+): 11-12m
[17:36]:Entor (darkness+): pystyko niita myymaa kerralla?
[17:37]:Juo (darkness+): ei pakost
[17:37]:Entor (darkness+): vai oliko siina ostos joku raja
[17:37]:Juo (chat): its already more expensive than a fake asmo ring!
Info: Rocker goes link dead.
[17:37]:Malar <chat>: hahahaha
[17:37]:Moss (chat): vote for nav spells to be active over continents =D
[17:37]:Malar <chat>: <3 asmoring
[17:37]:Durtle (darkness+): myyda kai voi mite lystaa mut ostaa voi 20/boot
[17:37]:Entor (darkness+): ok
[17:37]:Favorit <bat>: I hear Rocker is ld, i'll wait a bit on his links, since he's involved.
[17:37]:Murgan [chat]: it was something new
[17:38]:Zenick (sales): twinklar mb 100m?
[17:38]:Moss (chat): that is something new :P
[17:38]:Favorit <bat>: Capula, I hope you didn't cheat and unplug his ADSL? :)
[17:38]:Murgan [chat]: oh well, maybe :)
[17:38]:Alakhai the spawn (bat): :D
[17:38]:Ewige [bat]: he's on msn
[17:38]:Kiraffi [chat]: I hope the 'winner' wishes this time something more intelligent than a totally gay horse-race
[17:38]:(bat): Juo coughs innocently.
[17:38]:Capula (bat): we dont live in same town anymore
[17:38]:Juo (darkness+): :D Kiraffi [chat]: I hope the 'winner' wishes this time something more intelligent than a totally gay horse-race
[17:38]:Dangergirl [chat]: this would've been more fun if people would've had the chance to talk about ideas and gather a pool over the week and then have the auction at weekend
[17:38]:Freld [chat]: nothing wrong with centaurs
[17:38]:Grimpold {chat}: everyones mage essence to 0
[17:38]:Grimpold {chat}: that would be lovely
[17:38]:Juo (chat): and purity to 0 too
Info: Rocker recovers from link death.
[17:38]:Torc [darkness+]: hevoskilpailuthan ne
[17:38]:Grimpold {chat}: all the reps -> 0 :)
[17:39]:Gurth [chat]: kyo's crimsorep to 0!
[17:39]:Hair [chat]: heh, that would get you killed so many times
[17:39]:Freld [chat]: and wish was NOT to change anything that already exits in game so nav spells over continents gets overruled by that i guess :P
[17:39]:(darkness+): Durtle neighs like a horse.
[17:39]:Entor (darkness+): eli wishatkaa pink unicorn race

f rocker
Rocker Asmodai is a level 100 eternal of the Demon race.
He was created Thu Feb 12 19:57:38 1998 and he is 3y, 10d, 21h, 54min and 28s old.
He has been on for 3h, 47min and 47s, idle 1s.
He is the leader of the Demon race.
He has killed: an old hobbit, 1093210 exp
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Web page: sell/trade me some rune, maybe.
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>Ghost of Shar (party): hyvän pelin ovat koodanneet

[17:39]:Durtle (darkness+): jodlaava owlbear
[17:39]:Calath {chat}: nav trees back!
[17:39]:Rocker {bat}: 95M
[17:39]:Brog [darkness+]: pedobear race... se ois niinku siinä
Belse clatters 'mitakohan toi rockerikaan tolla tekee.'
[17:39]:Jokke (rise+): ihan ok rahamäärät rockeriki keränny
[17:39]:Ewige [sales]: asmo ring mb 95m
[17:39]:Kawasa {bat}: now we see hwo much money forts bring into the game
[17:39]:Entor (darkness+): pedobear o varattu
[17:39]:Milk (rise+): rm forts please
[17:40]:Entor (darkness+): mauno mounti nimi o pedobear
[17:40]:Desert (rise+): taitaa vaa nostattaa hintaa capulle, vaikee uskoo et on noi paljoo ku vasta sen runenki osti :)
[17:40]:Nuane {rise+}: eli sillä oli vähintään 130m massii viel tos
[17:40]:Nuane {rise+}: tai sit ei, niin :)
[17:40]:Favorit <bat>: 95M heard from link-resurrected bidder in the dark disconnected corner of the room!
[17:40]:Daerid (bat): answer: too much :)
[17:40]:Moss (chat): so add spells to navs that allow for continent travel, same difference, drop wanderers :P
[17:40]:Kori [rise+]: kuulema vendarin rahat rockerilla
[17:40]:Capula (bat): 100
[17:40]:Desert (rise+): tai sit ne fortit on oikeesti lol, mut mite ihmees ne ois menny approsta läpi jos noi paljo syöltää rahaa pelii, vaikee uskoo
[17:40]:Nuane {chat}: wasn't zin already contemplating on bringing navtrees back
[17:40]:Desert (rise+): aa, ilmankos
[17:40]:Nuane {chat}: perhaps, that is
[17:41]:Torc [rise+]: no eipä sitä oo vaikeeta laskee paljo ne työntää peliin
[17:41]:Kyo <rise+>: dessu kyllähän sitä rahaa tekee
[17:41]:Desert (rise+): tekee tekee, mut ei jos ei pelaa peliä kyo
[17:41]:Kyo <rise+>: nykysi saa niin vitusti rahaa joka tuutista että oksat pois
[17:41]:Freld [chat]: it isnt? :o
[17:41]:Durtle (rise+): tuleeha niista kylla melkosesti
[17:41]:Juo (rise+): kyl niistä tulee joku mitä muutama sataa k per päivä
[17:41]:Larppa [rise+]: eiks yks torni tee jonku 20-30k päiväs?
[17:41]:Favorit <bat>: 100m heard! nice round number.
[17:41]:Torc [rise+]: montas niit forttei oli yhteensä?
[17:41]:Nuane {chat}: what isn't what
Zohlor tells you 'noh jannullaha on fyffee-pätäkkää-rahaa biddaa!'
[17:41]:Nuane {chat}: english please
[17:41]:Alakhai (ee+): capulakin voi toivoa ihan mitä vaan jos se kerran on ite retireemässä
[17:41]:Zinko (rise+): 150
You tell Zohlor 'ei o ku tuhlasin ne kaikki jo capulan retiremoro-equihi'
[17:41]:Torc [rise+]: 100gp tunnissa teki yks fortti ennen
[17:41]:Idlzzt <ee+>: voisin toivoo larpasta wizun
[17:41]:Durtle (rise+): 102
Zohlor tells you ':P'
[17:42]:Alakhai (ee+): :D
[17:42]:Juo (rise+): kysymys kuuluuki että paljonko sillä vendarilla o massia grindattuna

f vendar
Vendar is a level 100 eternal of the Titan race.
He was created before 1997 and he is 3y, 116d, 8h and 30s old.
He has been on for 5h, 29min and 2s, idle 36s.
He is the leader of the Titan race.
He has 1 piece of unread mail.
He has killed: An armoured drow woman traces her fi.., 185393 exp
               A dragon Highlord is glaring at you .., 296017 exp (party of 5)
He is the Captain of the UNK Frigate Jytky.
Web page: ss 1 s 1 sw from crimson drawbridge, 25k/lvl (lifetime)
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>      Beholder of Empyrean 
>         the Divine Instrument of Godly Onslaught

[17:42]:Larppa [ee+]: wizut on butista 8)
[17:42]:Torc [rise+]: eiku 500gp sori
[17:42]:Dione [rise+]: hih, ois kyl hauska nähä mitä rockeri sil scrollil tekis :)
[17:42]:Darol <rise+>: 500 gp tunnissa per fort?
[17:42]:Favorit <bat>: 100m heard x1!
[17:42]:<ee+>: Idlar nod wizard
[17:42]:Torc [rise+]: aluks ainaki sai senverra jep
[17:42]:<ee+>: Idlar nod wizardly
[17:43]:Darol <rise+>: ....
[17:43]:Torc [rise+]: mut tiä sit onks niitä tunettu
[17:43]:Idlar <ee+>: perkele taikurimaisesti
[17:43]:<ee+>: Idlzzt laughs as Idlar fails wizardly.
[17:43]:Jokke (rise+): aika vitusti kyllä tulee tollasta rahaa peliin päivässä
[17:43]:Favorit <bat>: well, let's see. If I loosen the wish requirements in a way that you can include a clause in community-related wish that you personally will keep something special as a buyer that won't be available to other people.
[17:43]:Desert (rise+): mun on vaa nii vaikee uskoo et menis approsta läpi noi jos todella tarjois noin paljo rahaa
[17:43]:Nuane {rise+}: en sanois et ois yhtää hauska nähä mitä rocker tekis
[17:43]:Desert (rise+): ainaha sitä noi kiroilee et rahaa pitäs saada pois pelistä
[17:43]:Favorit <bat>: will I hear more? :)
[17:43]:Nuane {bat}: oh please
[17:43]:Juo (bat): why would you do that
[17:44]:Nuane {bat}: with rocker as a bidder?
[17:44]:Nuane {bat}: come ON
[17:44]:Lampsa <bat>: :D
Freld tells you 'sinne meni yleishyöty :D'
[17:44]:Juo (rise+): vitun hyvä veto
[17:44]:Capula (bat): tell jokke joo, toivon piraateille nii paljo skeidaa niskaa ettei rockeri usko ikaa mita tapahtu:))))))
[17:44]:Durtle (rise+): miksei menis, ei ketaa vaa kiinnosta raplaa jotai forttei ni neo 2-3 ukol :)
[17:44]:Nuane {bat}: pretty please, don't do that favorit
Freld tells you '4 kätinen demon race invite only rocker ainoona :D'
[17:44]:Favorit <bat>: 100m 2x.
[17:44]:Favorit <bat>: Ok, I won't.
[17:44]:Favorit <bat>: 100m x3 and ....
[17:44]:Capula (bat): mistell
[17:44]:Dione [rise+]: siis mitä tahansa rocker tekis ni siitä seurais semmonen whine show, että se olis jo itessään hupaisaa :)
[17:44]:Desert (rise+): no siis nimenomaa sen takia eikös
[17:45]:Alakhai (bat): cheap!
[17:45]:Desert (rise+): kai se ny oli alusta asti selvä wizuille et ne fortit tulee olee yhe tai kahe jannu juttu ku muut ei jaksa :)
[17:45]:Juo (rise+): tuskin
[17:45]:Tyril (bat): thank you peanut gallery
[17:45]:Belse [rise+]: koskas wizut mitaan olis tiennyt
[17:45]:Durtle (rise+): ei varmaa ollu
[17:45]:Juo (rise+): vitun jees että yhelle tai kahelle jannulle koodataa tommosta contenttia
[17:45]:Juo (rise+): peliin
[17:45]:Favorit <bat>: Indeed, a bit cheapish... 100M x3 and SOLD! To the rich guy in a fat tuxedo.